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But they were fucked up in their turn By fools in old-style hats and coats, Who half the time were soppy-stern And half at one another's throats. Think you are man enough to fill my cunt with a long hard thick cock and fill me with cum? Philip Larkin. Karen was seventeen the first time she caught me jacking off.

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I was already half hard and seeing the huge expanse of her exposed cleavage only helped to expand the swelling of my cock. Ladies, while you might not really be into this sort of thing I would still hope you can diddle and fill your cunts with fingers, dildos or cocks during or after reading this little story. Get out as early as you can, And don't have any kids yourself. It deepens like a coastal shelf.

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Now I wanted us to both masturbate while watching each other. It just wasn't enough that I would see my daughter Karen watching me jerk off.

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Come on, Daddy, fuck me and give us a baby. I was hoping it would be something we could watch together. I wasn't sure if she saw me watching her but I did and was delighted when she slipped her hand under her short skirt.

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Her eyes locked onto the growing cock in my boxers. From the corner of my eye I saw her watching me as I passed between her and the TV. Seconds later my climaxed shot from my turgid cock and thick gobs of my cum soaked my chest and naked belly.

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In case you haven't noticed I've grown into a woman and now I'm ready to fuck. I know I would fipl to make them that way. There is was naked on my bed with my thick hard cock in my fist as I pumped it until I loosed my climax.

I was extremely horny and spread my Fucj wide making sure she had a good look at my cum filled and heavy balls as they bounced up and down with my pumping cock filled hand. Home Contents 'This be the verse' They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They fill you with the faults they had And add some extra, just for you. I waited and finally the perfect opportunity came.

Let me feel your cock pounding my cunt while you play with my big titties and suck my nipples.

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U boys and girls. Man hands on misery to man. I also hope that some of you ladies might also get off thinking of your Daddy fucking your cunts while he sucks the milk from your tits. A few days later I was again choking the chicken when I spotted my daughter spying on me. Wearing only a pair of boxer shorts I Naperville Illinois girls flashing the family room and slowly walked if front of her on my way to my favorite chair.

They may not mean to, but they do. I dropped my boxers and followed my bobbing hard cock towards her sexy wanton body. I want sex and I want it with you.

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I casually came in and noticed with lust filled eyes she was wearing her thick terry cloth robe. She obviously was eyeing my growing hard-on and I was pleased. She spread her legs wide open Fuc, invitation and my cock lurched with anticipation. I figured if she was going to expose that much the least I could do was respond in kind. After a month passed I began to want more.

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I wonder, did he make them full of milk? There is more of this story I thought all you wanted was to watch me masturbate and shoot my cum all over myself. She hadn't noticed Fucked girl Quedjinup yet and I quickly made my exit. While she had her legs well covered she didn't pay much attention to the top and as I looked I saw the very well exposed cleavage of her large and well developed breasts. I want your cum making me pregnant.

Karen had just finished her shower and was sitting in the family room watching TV. I knew she was feeling her cunt and shoving two or more fingers deeply inside as she watched me jacking off.

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