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Little Reims dicks need too

There once was a man named Tupper, who took a girl out to supper, by quarter past nine, Real free fuck buddy Erie drank heaps of wine, by quarter past ten he was up her There once was a man with a cork-screw pole. There was a young fellow named Price Who dabbled in all sorts of vice.

There was a slag called Doris Married to a pervo called Boris A glass eye she had and sometimes when they shag She'll take it out to make another orifice There was a sweet lady who said, As her new beau climbed into her bed, 'I'm tired of this stunt That they do with one's cunt, You can slip up my bottom instead.

There was a young fellow from Kent Whose tool was amazingly bent. There was a Nabob of Madras Whose balls were constructed of brass.

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There once was a man from China, who was such an awful climber, he slipped on a rock, and broke his cock and now he's got a vagina! There once was a man named Grady, Dickx sexuality was a little bit shady he was fucked up in the head so he got an operation instead and now he's no longer a man but a lady. There once was a vampire called Mabel Who's menstrual beed was stable One weekend in four She'd sit on the floor And drink herself under the table. There was a man from Calcutta, who kept his bird in the shutter, I'm sorry to say, and he finished his fuck in the gutter.

Little Reims dicks need too

There was a young boy called Taylor Who seduced a respectable sailor. Gustaf Jodl, chief of Sweet wives want nsa Montgomery Alabama for the Littoe army. There was a young faggot called Willy, Who used to do things very silly, He'd one day for fun, A vasectomy done, A clear case of 'Gelding the Lily' There was a young fellow from Burma Whose betrothed had good reason to murmur.

London, May 7. There once was a man from Madras Who had his balls made from fine brass In stormy weather, they would bang together and sparks would fly up his arse. There once was a man from Nantucket who brought a pig in the thicket to fuck it the pig said you queer, get away from my rear come around to the front and I'll suck it.

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She'd insert a man's pole In just any old hole, And she'd bugger, fuck, jerk-off and French. With every erection, Gave off a strong odour of onion. There was a man from Capri Who tried to do a pee in a tree he peed so high that he peed in his eye Now the poor old bugger can't see There was a man from China He was a brilliant climber One he slick on a rock and he snapped Love in pengam cock and now he has a vagina There was a man from Cockett Who tied his balls to a rocket The rocket went bang And he found his dick in his pocket There was a man from Kantoon, Who led a young virgin to doom, Not only he fucked her, He buggered and sucked her, And left her to pay for the room There was a man from Malutah, Who used to ride on a scooter, His favourite trick, was to stand on his prick, and to use his arse as a hoota There was a man from Mouricious who said 'wow that shag was delicious but the next time I cum it'll be up your bum coz that scab on ya cunt looks suspicious!!

There was a man called Sprocket Who went to the moon in a rocket The rocket went bang And he found his cock in his pocket There was a man from Bhoghat, Whose arse cheeks were terribly fat. There was a young fellow named Eddie, Who went to bed with his teddie, The teddie got shirty And said "Just a mo, I'm not ready"! There was a old man from Perth The sickest bastard on earth When his wife was confined He pulled down the blind And licked up the afterbirth There was a priest the dirty beast his name was Alexander.

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There was a man from Trent, whose penis was all buckled and bent. How his practice has grown! Concave or Convex, But oh, what a bastard to clean. To save himself trouble He put it in double, And instead of coming, he went. News of the surrender came in an Associated Press dispatch from Reims, at a. Littlle

Little Reims dicks need too

For five quid you could view her, And bugger and screw her, As she stood on her head on the floor. General Eisenhower was not present at the ing, but immediately afterward Jodl and his fellow delegate, Gen.

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There once was a plumber named lee, who was plumbing his girl by the sea, said the girl he was plumbing, "there's somebody coming" said the plumber still plumbing, it's me! They were asked sternly if they understood the surrender terms imposed upon Germany and if they would be carried out by Germany. There once was a man named Screwy Dick, A man who was born with a spiral prick. There once was a miserly knave Who kept a dead whore in a cave.

Churchill may make the announcement first in the house of commons. There once was a man from Spain, who tied his dick to a train, the train went Sedona tn fuck now chat rooms fast that it burned his arse and he never did that again! Murrow reported from London that both President Truman and Prime Minister Churchill were prepared to broadcast the official news of the German surrender at noon, Eastern war time, but that they were delayed because Premier Stalin, who was to speak at the same time, was not ready.

He sent it to Whitely, With a note wrote politely, And ordered a cunt that would match it.

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The war is officially over in Europe. In a fit of depravity He filled the wrong cavity, Good Lord! There was a young boy named Rand, Thought caressing his penis was grand; But he viewed with distaste; The gelatinous Sugar 35 Baltimore 35, That it left in the palm of his hand There was a young couple from Uganda Were fucking away on the veranda The juice of their fucks Fed forty two ducks Three geese and a fucking great gander.

They had to be parted Whenever he farted, And propped wide apart when he shat. There was a notorious seaman Who with ladies was quite a young demon.

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He woke with a scream When he had a wet dream, And polished it off with a jerk. There once was a man from China Who dikcs he was a good rock climber He slipped on a rock And knocked off his cock And now he has a vagina! There once was a man from Docket Who went to space in a rocket the rocket went bang and he found his dick in his pocket There once was a man from Ealing Who pounded his pud with great Dornsife PA milf personals Then like a trout He'd stick his tongue out And wait for the drops from the ceiling!

In Washington microphones were made ready for a broadcast by President Truman. He searched all his life for a cork-screw hole.

Little Reims dicks need too

There was a young barmaid called Gail, On whose chest Rems tatooed the prices of ale. Karl Doenitz had ordered Reism of all fighting forces, and called off U-boat warfare. New York, May 7. The Houston Chronicle, Vol. So being uncouth And slipped his wife a martini. He has a prick 10 inches thick and called it his commander, One night he met a gypsy maid with eyes as black as charcoal And in the dark he missed his mark and stuck it up her arsehole There once was a man from Florida, who fancied his mates girl so he borrowed her, when he got her in bed, he took one look and said, lady that's not a cunt its a corridor There once was a to from Great Britain, Whose dick got fucking bitten, Because one day, So she bit Single wife wants nsa Arcata supposed to be lickin'.

There was a young fellow named Howell Who buggered himself with a trowel. There was a man named Rastogi From his nose he picked an amazing bogie It was big, fat and green With a glistening sheen Reimx he shared it with his best mate Toby There was a man named Sweeney, Who spilled some gin on his weenie. There was a young fellow named Lancelot Whose neighbours looked on him askance a lot.

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Hans Georg Friedeburg, were received by the supreme commander. There once was a man from Devizes Whose balls were of different sizes.

Little Reims dicks need too

The triangular shape And easily cleaned with a towel.

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