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All the other mechanics, except for the supervisor, are men. But Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer criticised the government's messaging as "all over the place", to,orrow TimesRadio: "You have had some government messaging saying go out and have a drink, other messaging saying be responsible, be cautious - the messaging, I think, has been very poor over the last few weeks.

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On a visit to The Bell and Crown in Chiswick, west London, Mr Sunak said the almost half a million people who worked in Britain's pubs and bars were "helping us all to enjoy summer safely". Which of these statements about Gianni is true? Chancellor Rishi Sunak welcomed the reopening of businesses, saying it was "good news" people were working again.

Need a good time tomorrow night

She likes everything about the job, except for nighr fact that she can never seem to get completely clean at the end of the day. Find the fourth word.

Need a good time tomorrow night

She works for the same firm as her husband She and her husband work in the same place She has farther to travel to work than her husband She and Gianni have the same jobs Please haveyoursay bbc. Please include a contact if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist.

Need a good time tomorrow night

He works in the town centre. He doesn't work in the garage.

Need a good time tomorrow night

As it happens, she is considered by most of her workmates to be the best mechanic in the garage. Her supervisor. Her husband Gianni is the ant and works at the Company head office, which is just outside the town.

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Some of her male colleagues. Which of these think that Bianca cannot be a good mechanic?

What Bianca dislikes about working in the garage is that she doesn't get on with the supervisor all the other mechanics are men it's quite dirty work the garage is a long way from the centre A ttomorrow customers. My cousin Bianca is a motor mechanic.

Need a good time tomorrow night

People in England are still urged goof stay 2m apart, but the new "one metre plus" guidance means they can get closer if they use "mitigation" measures, such as face coverings and not sitting face-to-face. Are you happy or concerned about lifted restrictions? He lives close to his work.

Which of the following statements about Bianca is true? Prof Robert West, an epidemiologist from University College London, told the BBC: "We are looking at around 20, new infections a week and around 1, deaths a week and the rates aren't coming down very fast.

Are you working? Phonology In three of the four words, the underlined part is pronounced the same; in the fourth word, the underlined part is pronounced differently.

Need a good time tomorrow night

She works in a busy garage in the middle of the town, about five minutes' walk from home. He is popular with the customers. She gets on with everyone very well, although she occasionally has trouble with the customers who think that, being a woman, she cannot be a good mechanic.

Need a good time tomorrow night

Most of her fellow-workers think that Bianca isn't as good as they are. Are you going to meet loved ones for the first time since it began?

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