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She also says that she wasn't taken seriously, simple because she was a woman. In Sqn early days, the business struggled to keep up with the pace of growth. I asked this woman to gelato and macarons at this place that I love that's around the corner from my old job. Katrina founded the company inaged 28, while studying for a Master of Business Administration degree at Harvard Business School, in Boston.

Boyce: I've been noticing the comparisons to Drybar in press that you've received.

10 inspirational quotes from women entrepreneurs

I'm listening to you and I believe that this is going to be huge and that this problem needs to be solved now. A big challenge was raising funds from the male-dominated investment community. Katrina, 34 at the time, become the youngest ever female founder to lead an initial public offering IPO. Courtesy of Naza Beauty We are completely reinventing the end-to-end beauty experience for black and brown women.

In the company of women: 3 female founders to inspire you to success

Courtesy of Natanya Montgomery So there's that element of shame and embarrassment that has clouded a lot of my experiences. We want Naza to become the center of life for black women.

Successful businessman for a San francisco lady

This doubt, this imposter rfancisco, that sounds like a you problem. After growing up in Minnesota and San Francisco, she had wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father and become a doctor.

So go get some therapy, fix that stuff frajcisco go build your company. I want them to look straight ahead and see the products that are by, for and celebrating black and brown women in this space that is so elevated and intentionally and thoughtfully deed to delight them. Her passion was clothing retail though, and she hoped that being at an investment company would enable her to meet e-commerce founders, so that she could become part of the next big thing in the consumer fashion industry.

How did you go about courting this diverse group of investors?

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And so when I first talked to a lot of these people, they're like, either I have experienced this myself, my daughter has experienced this, my friend has experienced this. Don't talk about my dry scalp in front of all of these people!

But the path to this remarkable success wasn't smooth. Katrina's business was turned down by numerous potential investors, and she struggled to raise funds in the early days.

Meet the iit alumni who became successful women entrepreneurs

Simone Boyce: It seems like the concept for Naza is deeply rooted in your own personal experience. And she said, "Well, what's the idea? I want them to look at these advertisements on the right. Flynn, a former buyer for US retailer J Crew, subsequently left the Sucvessful in When did that doubt start to fall away for you? We have a really robust programming initiative coming very soon, where we'll have things like black girl yoga in our space and panels about mental health and entrepreneurship.

I was having a hard time and I was like, I don't think that I'm going to start this company. I've had a love-hate relationship with my hair until very, Sex ladys magdeburg recently.

The tech entrepreneur had her then month-old son in her arms when she appeared at the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York for the firm's first day of trading. I see there are quite a few ways in which we are similar.

Successful businessman for a San francisco lady

The power of a positive word at the right time really changes the trajectory of your life drastically. The images went viral. Or do you wish people would view Naza independently of other express styling salons that have come before it?

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Montgomery: I want them to look at the wall of Afros on the left. They were pioneers in what I think of as luxury quick service. Her sister, a fashion buyer, was also an inspiration. But frnacisco her company public back in November led to a change of heart. Instead, after getting a degree in economics from Stanford University she started her working life as a management consultant, and later bbusinessman for an investment firm.

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Whenever you get more than two or three black women in any sort of space, it becomes magical. Not right now. While there she started to build the business from her student digs, along with her co-founder Erin Flynn. How have your past hair salon experiences influenced the way you see your hair?

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